Gardening Tips Every Gardener Should Know

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Wondering how to start a garden? Find your confidence with these expert gardening tips. Never gardened before? No problem. Make your grow-your-own dreams a reality with these 10 easy-to-follow tips.

Focus on Good Soil

Good soil is important to grow a flower in a container, a gardener must have knowledge about high-quality, well-balanced organic soil rich with nutrition. If you don’t know how to make the fertile soil than you pick soil from the garden or local nursery. Another way you can make well drain soil with 60% soil 40% vermicompost fertilizer is sufficient for flowering plants or any container plant.

Sunlight requirement.

Almost every plant needs sunlight some plant-like full-day sunlight or some plant-like at least one or two-hour direct sunlight. So choose the location according to the plant. Even all the indoor plants also need direct sunlight, so put your indoor plants in direct sunlight in the morning for at least one or two hours in a week.


Watering is the second most import thing for plantation, here are a few rules of thumb when watering:
  • Watering in the early morning is the best practice, then evening. If the plant required than put the water in the plant after sunset.
  •  Every plant doesn’t like spay on their top leaves, Its a good practice to water in the base of plants rather than of spraying them on a leaf.
  • Moisture is important for the plants, water to the plant when a plant really requires, before watering check the soil it really needs or checks the topsoil with the finger when it dries then water in it.

Consider containers.

When you start gardening in the container it’s important about the drainage system of the container, the water should not stay there and damage the root or the plants. Choose well-drained soil and a good hole in the bottom of the container. Protect your plant from over and under-watering.  Important is moisture should stay in the plant.

Choose the right plants right container.

Choose the right plant according to the condition like some plants are grown indoor or some plant is grown outdoor, Some plants like full sunlight some like light only and some like partial sunlight.
  • Indoor plants grow in cocopeat or other media without soil because of their lightweight.
  • An outdoor plant is grown in soil.

Choose Location

As we know location is important for everything.
  • Some plants are sun-loving plants like Oleander it can survive in 40 deg temperature. Most plants want at least six to eight hours of sun per day,
  • Some are indoor plants like pothos and money plants. All these plants can not survive in direct sunlight.


However, mulching is important in the summer season when the temperature goes higher 30 deg to 40 deg. Mulching is important in a container that reduces moisture loss through evaporation

Fertilize to plants.

We always talked about how healthy plants can grow and how long plants can survive. So fertilizer is one of the important things for every plant, regularly feeding to the plants means regular boosts of high-quality nutrition, potassium, nitrogen for good quality of the plant. We suggest using organic fertilizer rather than chemical fertilizer for plant long life. At the last gardening is not a simple thing to do, but yes everyone learns for failure.

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