Coriander Plantation in the balcony

Coriander commonly known as dhaniya is used in every Indian household. Here we suggest how to grow it at home.

Coriander can easily be grown indoors under a wide range of climatic conditions. During the summer months causes coriander to bolt quickly and reduces foliage development. A coriander crop will mature in 40 to 45 days. It is often used as a rotation crop (3 to 6 times). 

Coriander Growing Condition

Good time to sowing Coriander is October – November, and February – March according to zone, but important is temperature. Coriander likes 15-28°C temperature for there grown till harvest. Coriander is a fast-growing annual plant that reaches up to 12 – 22 inches in height. 

Time of sowing: Optimum time for sowing is the first week of October – November.

Spot: Coriander like direct sunlight, so place it in the open place where it exposes at least 4 to 5 hour of direct sunlight, It like light but not too much heat.

Soil: Coriander prefers a light, well-drained, moderately fertile rough solid or sandy soil, but it will tolerate many soils as long as nutrient levels and moisture should be there.

Container: Choose the container which has at least 6 inches to 10 inches depths that is enough and it should have drainage from the bottom.

Watering:  Maintain moisture in the container, check the soil with the finger if the soil is dry then put the water, water it thoroughly.

Fertilizer: You can choose organic manure and liquid fertilizer.

Caring for Coriander

At least takes 18 – 20 days to germination of coriander. This plant does not need to transplant one place to another. Water in it when it’s top-level is dry. Keep eye on it the plant focus their energy on growing new leaves if the plant produces flower just remove it immediately.

Coriander Harvesting

Coriander can be harvested when it height six inches tall. At this height, the leaves of the coriander will be tender and least bitter. The stems tend to be more pungent as compared to the leaves. Cut the gentle stems at the soil level.