Light, moisture, and nutrients are the main source of plant growth. Light comes from Sun, Moisture come from water, Nutrients come from fertilizer its in any form liquid or compost.

If your plant not growing it means

  • The plant requires fertilizer. Use the time to time fertilizer.
  • Due to poor soil drainage. Well-drained soil is important for every plant if you grow it on the lawn or in the container.
  • It’s in the shaded area. Almost every plant required to light or direct sunlight, so it is important to put your plant in the light or you have to understand which plant needs how much light accordingly chooses the area for the plants.

What is NPK and Why is it Important?

All the plants required nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium to grow roots, leaves, and fruits/flowers. These three essential macronutrients are needed for all plants

  • (N) Nitrogen: Responsible for plant growth mainly leaves. Some time you fined yellowish leave or smaller in the size its due to a deficiency in nitrogen.
  • (P) Phosphorus. It helps the formation of roots and the development of large quality of flowers and fruits.
  • (K) Potassium.  Potassium increases water use efficiency and transforms sugars to starch in the grain-filling process.

The most important thing is what quantity is needed for the plants, you can use it in liquid form as well,

How to understand fertilizer

There are mainly two types of fertilizer available in the market. Processed and Organic Fertilizer

  • Processed fertilizers (synthetic or chemical): deliver nutrients quickly to the plant it can be useful for some situations.
  • Organic fertilizers: are materials derived from plants that slowly release nutrients as the micro-organisms in the soil break down. 

The important thing is you should know when to fertilize your plant,  how to apply chemical or organic fertilizer, how to apply liquid fertilizer. If you understand that you no need to worries about your plants. You are free to grow any plant in any condition.