Care and Tips for the Gardenia Plant

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Gardenia common name

  1. Jasmine Rose
  2. Everblooming Gardenia

Gardenia Category

  1. Shrubs


  1. Rubiaceae or Ixora
  2. Pentas family

Gardenia requires Light

  1. Full Sun growing

Gardenia Flower color

  1. Gardenia, ananta plant in white
  2. Gardenia, ananta plant in cream
  3. Gardenia, ananta plant in off white
  4. Gardenia, ananta plant in light yellow

Plant Description

  1. Though the leaves and flowers of this gardenia, ananta plant are relatively small it can reach a height of over two meters.
  2. They are also as fragrant as the large-flowered variety.
  3. The gardenia is a native of China.
  4. Flowers have a strong and sweet fragrance.
  5. Given the right conditions, plants can grow to over two meters tall.
  6. Gardenias are widely grown in gardens all over the world.
  7. Foliage is shining, dense and a deep shade of green.
  8. Leaves are 4 to 6 cm long.
  9. White flowers are borne in profusion in spring and summer. At other times the plant throws up the occasional flower.
  10. They are brilliant white when they open and turn cream to light yellow by evening.
  11. Flowers were once an integral part of courage. They were a must during marriage ceremonies in the west.
    Growing tips:
  12. As with the other gardenias, this too is one of the finest flowering shrubs in tropical and subtropical gardens.
  13. It is a sight to see and smell this shrub in bloom in mild climates.
  14. Can be grown in pots as well as the ground. Its smaller size makes it very suitable for pot cultivation.
  15. Plants grow best in acidic soils – alkaline soils should be avoided as plant leaves turn yellow due to lack of available;e iron.
  16. A useful shrub in tropical gardens as it can be grown singly, as a group, or even as a hedge.
  17. Plants like plenty of water, organic fertilizers, and sunshine.
  18. A regular spray of water on very dry days for potted plants will help.
  19. Plants can be trimmed back if they get too big. They can stay in the same pots for many many years.
Gardenia is a genus of flowering plants
Gardenia is a genus of flowering plants