How to care for your container Plants?

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Now, these days in our lifestyles people are adopting plants in their home due to less space and less time. Plants make your happy environment and give you a smile on your face. When you are growing indoor plants like Money Plant, lucky Bamboo, Basil, Snake Plant, Aloe Vera, Rose, or any other plants as per your choice, you have to invest your time to take care.

How to care for your flowerpot plants & ensure its growth according to season.

How to care for your container Plants?

Here are a few tips to ensure the growth of your plants.

  • Overwatering – overwatering is one of the main reasons to kill various local or exotic plants. You should ask the local nursery owner or Mali about the watering schedule of the plant.
  • Location – Select the right location of your outdoor and indoor plants for their daily growth. Avoid frequently placing the plants it might interfere with the growth.
  • Temperature – Provide moisture, air, sunlight, and temperature to your all plants for their growth.
  • Fertilizer – Try to use organic fertilizer like cow dunk, Vermicompost or you can make it easy with the kitchen waste. If you don’t have an idea to provide manure in the plant in these cases try to ask Mali or any experts. Over fertilizer or less fertilizer can affect your plants.
  • Pest – Don’t scare the pest, it’s a common problem in the plants to avoid if you need to make or buy good quality of pesticides and spray twice a week in the evening time only.
  • Pruning – Pruning is important for plants growth it’s indoor or exotic plants, prune the dead part of the plant, and clean the flowerpot from unwanted things.
  • Re-porting – Reporting is an important thing that you have to do with your every plant after the time and according to the plant size.

Hope these steps help you to grow any and many different types of plants in indoor or exotic areas. Make plants a part of your healthy lifestyle by adopting these simple plant care tips.