Oleander Plant(Kaner)

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Nerium is an Outdoor plant commonly known as an Oleander, its small flower plant can grow in a container and in the garden as well. this plant easily survives in heigh temperature or you can say this plant-like high temperature but Nerium plants go dormant in winter.

Growing Conditions

Location: Oleander is a sun-loving plant and it will blossom in summer. Oleander like full sun hot place and protect it from wind and rain. So Keep this plant on the place where direct light comes at least 8 to 10 hours.

Light Preference: Full Sunlight is best for plant growth and blooming.

Flower Colors: Oleander has different verities yellow, pink, and red colors.

Water: Once temperatures rise during the spring, water requirements rise too. Oleander needs a lot of watering in the beginning and later lets the soil dry between waterings.

Temperature: 25-40ºC

Family: Apocynaceae

Color: Red, Pink, and Yellow

Soil: the Standard mix of well-drained sand and peat.

Fertilizer: Oleander is a heavy feeder plant. This means that it needs a lot of nutrients and a lot of fertilizer during its growth period. If you fertilize it twice a year it’s sufficient for Oleander plant.

Breeding: Easly grow with cutting and also grow with seeds.