How to Water Plants Growing in Containers


Living in an urban society that limited us with the land, in this case, we are not focused on in-ground gardening but we focus on container gardening.  In container gardening we should ensure with the health of the plant, we face challenges to how much water and fertilizer to our different plants.

Let us discuss watering to our container or pots plant step by step.

Understand Your Plants

First, you should understand which type of plant you are growing in soil or in other media, there are different Soil types…

  • Alkaline Soil
  • Acidic Soil

Some plants are grown indoor or other in outdoor. Every plant has a different requirement. For example succulent plants like less water.

Make Right Soil

Garden Soil

Choose the right soil for the right plant, So preparing the soil is an important task for gardeners. Some plants can grow in the soil some can grow in cocopeat. But still, soil good soil media is important. Choose the soil media which has a good drainage system that can store water as moisture your container soil should not soggy.

Make a basic soil mixture like this way.

  • Sixty percent of garden soil.
  • Forty percent of any fertilizer or you can use vermicompost.

Check Containers Drainage

In a container gardening, every container or pot should have drainage for the long life of your plants.

Before planting check your container it should have a hole below in the pot or container with it access water could come out from the hole.

Check Moisture

Before watering check the soil it really requires water, put the water in the pot when it really requires.

Water Thoroughly

Proper watering of the plants in your containers is crucial to having them perform their best.

Water thoroughly means do water top to bottom till the water comes from pot drainage but ensure when your plant needs water, before that check soil with the finger. If the top label is dry then water.

Water Timing

Decide one time to put water in the container watering is depend according to the season,

  • In the summer temperature goes up to 35 to 45 deg, in this time you have to put water twice in a day in the container.
  • In the winter season reduce water timing, you can put water after a gap of one day.

However, you should water in the pot early morning before sunrise,  try to ignore watering in the evening in the winter season.

Water to Soil or the Leaves


Use the shower to your plant leaves and the soil when the temperature is high but in evening time only, stop showering in the winter season because in the winter moisture already present in the environment so in that time showering not much important.

Make sure every plant does not like showering.

Don’t faith in Raini water

Raini water comes in the plant as a shower, few plants are in the parasol shape in this case water not going in the container to top to the bottom label. So be sure your plant after rainfall is it required water or not.

Over Watering or Less Watering


Watering is important.

  • Overwatering can kill your plant.
  • Less watering can also kill your plant.

So, Try to ensure the moisture level and water.


Caring for the plant is like caring for a little child. To care for a plant each and everything is important if you want to grow it for a long time. 

It starts with the container than soil media, fertilizer, season, temperature, watering, and many things. Here we know how to give water to the plant.